Mark (pictured) is our full-time driver on the Ludlow & Clun Valley Traveller

Daily independence with the


Ludlow Traveller

This service operates every Wednesday and Friday across the Clee Hill, Tenbury, Ludlow area.

Clun Valley Traveller

This service operates every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday along the Clun Valley to and from Craven Arms.

For people who struggle to access public transport in the Ludlow, Clee Hill, Tenbury  or Clun Valley areas


We run 3 routes - mainly to help people to get from home to Tuffins, Tesco and other amenities.


We provide modern vehicles that are well maintained and the highest quality in comfort and accessibility - we are able to provide assistance in boarding all wheelchair users.

ac-logo3 Ludlow Traveller with Mark

Busting some myths

As with the Shrewsbury Dial a Ride service, the Ludlow & Clun Valley Traveller operates as a membership scheme costing £15 p/yr.


On these services, members then pay £1 per trip (with a bus pass) and £1.75 (without). This charge is each way, so a return is £2 with a bus pass and £3.50 without

How much does it cost?

Call us on: 01584 700907 Mon - Fri 9.30am - 3.00pm

"Service is excellent – a lifeline for elderly/disabled people, particularly in rural areas"