Frequently asked questions

                                                                                ... about volunteering with Dial a Ride


Do I have to commit to a regular shift? No you don't, there is actually a surprising amount of flexibility about when you work


Do I need to be able to drive? Funnily enough, no you don't! In addition to drivers we also have Passenger Assistant (PA) roles. Our ideal is to have a PA on every bus. PAs help passengers get on and off the bus, they help with carrying shopping bags, securing wheelchairs, chat to passengers and help with navigation. Full training is provided.


Is there an age limit for people who can volunteer to drive your vehicles? 

Not really, you have to have held a driving licence for 2 years and be over 21. And then when you are 70 you have to take a medical every 3 years (which we pay for).

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How do I book on the bus?

For Shrewsbury Dial a Ride Phone 01743 450270; for Ludlow & Clun Valley Traveller or Corvedale Buzzard phone 01584 700907


Where does it go? 

Shrewsbury Dial a Ride operates within a 10 mile radius of Shrewsbury centre; the Ludlow Traveller operates along the Clun Valley, around Clee Hill, Tenbury & Ludlow; the Corvedale Buzzard operates around Craven Arms, Ludlow, Much Wenlock and Bridgnorth


What if I need to get to the doctors etc at a specific time? 

We can divert and adjust timings for an irregular trip


Where do I catch the bus?

At your door – we’ll find you on google street view


How much does it cost to join and travel?

£15 to join for 12mths + £1 each way with bus pass - except the Corvedale Buzzard which does not have a membership fee


Who/How do I pay?

Send a cheque to Shrewsbury Dial a Ride for membership and pay the £1 fare to the driver on the bus


What time does it go out and back? 

This depends on which run you are on and how we timetable it that day - we will always keep in touch with you so you know


Can I bring my Shopping trolley/Rollator?

Yes, and the driver will help you get it on and off the bus


How do I get my heavy bags to/from the bus? 

The driver will carry them for you


Can I travel in my Wheelchair?

Yes, and we will visit you to do a risk assessment first


Can I bring a friend/relative with me?

Yes, as long as we know beforehand


How much notice do you need for me to travel?

A week, but at the latest 2pm the day before


What happens if I’m ill or something comes up on the day? Leave a message on the answering machine - we listen to them frequently


Do I have to be old/ disabled to use the service?

No, our service is for anyone who can’t access public transport. So if there isn’t any transport where you live, or you have a disability that means  you can’t get on a bus, we are very happy to carry you.